Author Guidelines

Kindly read the instructions below carefully before submission of manuscript.

Any problem in submission please email

Preparation of manuscript

Manuscript should be single spaced with preferred fonts of Arial and Times New Roman at 12 pt. The submitted articles in Homo economicus must not exceed 4000 words excluding abstract, references, figures and tables for original articles and 5000 words for reviews. The exceptional cases would be considered upon Editor-In-Chief approval. Tables and figures should be placed in the body of manuscript where they are first referenced and should not be typed on separate pages at the end. Please submit the tables as editable text and not as image.

This journal uses double-blind review, which means the identities of the authors are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa. To facilitate this, please include the following separately:

Title page (with author details): This should include the title, authors’ names, affiliations, acknowledgements and any Declaration of Interest statement, and a complete address for the corresponding author including an e-mail address.

Blinded manuscript (no author details): The main body of the paper (including abstract and keywords, references, figures, tables and any acknowledgements) should not include any identifying information, such as the authors’ names or affiliations.

Abstract: Authors must supply a structured abstract in their submission of maximum 200 words. The following subheadings should be used in the abstract.

  • Purpose
  • Design/Methodology/Approach
  • Findings
  • Originality/Value

Keywords: Authors should provide 5 to 10 appropriate and short keywords.

Reference style

Citation and reference style must comply with American Psychological Association 7th edition.

Apa-7th for which the examples are as follow:

Journal articles

Grady, j. S., her, m., moreno, g., perez, c., & yelinek, j. (2019). Emotions in storybooks: a comparison of storybooks that represent ethnic and racial groups in the united states. Psychology of popular media culture8(3), 207–217.

Parenthetical citation: (grady et al., 2019) 

Narrative citation: grady et al. (2019)

Whole authored book

Jackson, l. M. (2019). The psychology of prejudice: from attitudes to social action (2nd ed.). American psychological association. 

Sapolsky, r. M. (2017). Behave: the biology of humans at our best and worst. Penguin books.

Parenthetical citations: (jackson, 2019; sapolsky, 2017) 

Narrative citations: jackson (2019) and sapolsky (2017)

Whole edited book

Kesharwani, p. (ed.). (2020). Nanotechnology based approaches for tuberculosis treatment. Academic press. 

Torino, g. C., rivera, d. P., capodilupo, c. M., nadal, k. L., & sue, d. W. (eds.). (2019). Microaggression theory: influence and implications. John wiley & sons.

Parenthetical citations: (kesharwani, 2020; torino et al., 2019)

Narrative citations: kesharwani (2020) and torino et al. (2019)

Chapter in an edited book

Aron, l., botella, m., & lubart, t. (2019). Culinary arts: talent and their development. In r. F. Subotnik, p. Olszewski-kubilius, & f. C. Worrell (eds.), the psychology of high performance: developing human potential into domain-specific talent (pp. 345–359). American psychological association. 

Dillard, j. P. (2020). Currents in the study of persuasion. In m. B. Oliver, a. A. Raney, & j. Bryant (eds.), media effects: advances in theory and research (4th ed., pp. 115–129). Routledge.

Parenthetical citations: (aron et al., 2019; dillard, 2020) 

Narrative citations: aron et al. (2019) and dillard (2020)

Conference presentation

Evans, a. C., jr., garbarino, j., bocanegra, e., kinscherff, r. T., & márquez-greene, n. (2019, august 8–11). Gun violence: an event on the power of community [conference presentation]. Apa 2019 convention, chicago, il, united states.

Parenthetical citation: (evans et al., 2019) 

Narrative citation: evans et al. (2019)

Webpage on a news website

Bologna, c. (2019, october 31). Why some people with anxiety love watching horror movies. Huffpost. 

Woodyatt, a. (2019, september 10). Daytime naps once or twice a week may be linked to a healthy heart, researchers say. Cnn.

Parenthetical citations: (bologna, 2019; woodyatt, 2019) 

Narrative citations: bologna (2019) and woodyatt (2019)

Report by a government agency references

National cancer institute. (2019). Taking time: support for people with cancer (nih publication no. 18-2059). U.s. department of health and human services, national institutes of health.

Parenthetical citation: (national cancer institute, 2019) 

Narrative citation: national cancer institute (2019)

For authors using EndNote software to create the reference list, we provide the output style link to download the apa-7th for formatting of in-text citation and reference list.

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